Residential Electricians Cape Town

Domestic electrical contractors

Zoe Electrical is an established and long standing electrical company that specializes in serving residential customers. Our Residential Electrical Technicians are certified and have the skill set and experience to quickly, accurately and safely diagnose and resolve all kinds of electrical issues.

Some of our residential electrical services include:

  • New electrical installations
  • Electrical rewiring of homes
  • Electrical fault finding and rectifications
  • Electrical Testing and Inspection
  • Surge protection
  • Extensions and alterations to existing electrical installations
  • 2-way switching
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Indoor lighting
  • Hot water cylinders


Electrical Rewiring

Any property in South Africa built before 1980 may require electrical re-wiring. All pre-1980 electrical installations have metal conduits as earth continuity conductor and black outer rubber or fibre cables. These electrical installations are usually protected by fuses and do not have earth leakage protection. In summary these electrical installations are old and unsafe. They pose a great risk of electrical hazards to the users.

Some of the key indicators that your electrical installation requires re-wiring are:

  • Metal conduits running to sockets and light fittings
  • Lights dimming at night
  • Fuse box
  • Fibre coated cables


Switchboard Upgrades

Any electrical installation without an Earth Leakage Relay need to be upgraded. ELCBs essentially protect the user from fatal electric shocks. It is an important requirement according to SANS 10142-1:2017 that all socket outlets and water heaters be protected by earth leakage relays with the exception of dedicated circuits.