We specialise in providing commercial and residential electrical services include new electrical installations, electrical maintenance and repairs. Zoe Electrical Engineering provide Electrical Installation services to new and existing commercial and industrial developments throughout the South Africa, keeping abreast of the latest innovations in lighting and lighting control, distribution systems and boards, cable containment, LED Lighting Installations as well as changes to building regulations and standards.

We offer a complete design and install service, and play a part in offering a package which provides an inspiring workplace whatever your environment whilst remaining focused on keeping energy consumption and installation costs low.

Services Available

  • Houses & Apartments – New electrical installations and electrical maintenance
  • Agricultural electrification – new electrical installations and electrical maintenance
  • Factories – Industrial elctric installations and maintenance services
  • Hotels and food outlets – Electrical maintenance and repairs
  • Schools and clinics – Electrical installations and maintenance
  • Retail shops and office blocks- Electric repairs and maintenances services
  • Reticulation systems (underground and overhead)
  • Substations – Electric installations and maitenance
  • Motor control centres
  • Conveyor belts and crushers
  • Mining machines
  • Overhead cranes
  • Solar PV systems
  • Inspection, Testing and Compliance Certificates
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Lightning protection systems



Before carrying out a commercial electrical installation, Zoe Electrical Engineering (Pty) Ltd takes the time to understand what a client is looking for. Depending on a company’s needs, this could range from a full electrical installation for a new commercial property to a partial rewiring of your current premises – if you are planning to extend or renovate, for example. Here are some of the questions we will typically ask when you first approach us about installation work:

  • What work do you need completing?
  • Do you need additional utilities such as heating or air conditioning?
  • What is the long-term plan for your premises?
  • What is your budget?

Once we have this information, we’ll put a design brief and quote together, so you can get a better understanding of the work involved and how much it will cost. While some parts of the installation will be essential, others won’t be. This means we can tailor your electrical installation to the unique needs of your business. Every aspect of the installation will have a fixed cost, saving you from any nasty surprises once the work is completed.

As an approved Electrical Contractor, you can rely on Zoe Electrical Engineering to provide a first-class electrical service. All our electricians are trained to the very highest standard and always ensure that any electrical work complies with the latest safety regulations.


Upon completion of an electrical installation, addition or alteration, Zoe Electrical Engineering will provide you with a certificate declaring that it meets the appropriate safety standards. This will be in the form of the Electrcical Compliance Certificate.

It’s important to keep hold of this certificate as it will save you from having to pay for costly exploratory work in the future. In addition, if somebody claims a fire or injury was caused by an electrical installation, the Electrical Compliance Certificate can serve as documentary evidence that it was completed to a satisfactory standard of safety.


As an employer, it’s your responsibility to protect the health and safety of your employees. For that reason, you’ll need to ensure that your electrical installations are kept in good working order.

At Zoe Electrical Engineering, we have the necessary expertise to carry out testing and maintenance services for your business every five years, as well as PAT testing on your electrical appliances. If any remedial work is required following these tests, we will provide you with a quote upfront and make sure it is completed at a time that suits you, with minimal disruption.